Gallery of 2016 Sibs Are My Peeps®

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Thanks to all who participated in our first-ever Siblings Are My Peeps® Contest in 2016.  Looking forward to 2017 Entries!

Of the nearly 25 entries in 2016, 6 were selected as semi-finalists in these categories:

Sibs Are My Peeps Contest LogoBest Use of Marshmallow Peeps® bunnies and chicks
– Little Peeps in the Woods by Angela NeSmith

Peep of Perfection–Well executed design
– Making S’more Memories with Your Peeps by CYSHCN Network
– Hoppy Peep Lanes by NAMI Fox Valley

Peeping with Creativity – Use of materials in creative ways
– The Princess and the Peep by Emily Bowles and Aurora Smith

Peep-tastic Theme– A great story about you and your siblings
– Boston Peep Party by the Team Soul Sisters- Ashley, Megan, Lauren and Brooke Noggle

Little Peeps® – Created by children age 10 and under
– A Beary Fun Camping Trip by Sophia and Garrett Nedens


Submitted by: Sophia Nedens, Garrett Nedens A BEARY Fun Camping Tirp

Submitted by: Sophia Nedens, Garrett Nedens A BEARY Fun Camping Trip

My family and I took a trip to Montana to see our Grandparents and of course, go camping!  We took a drive up a mountain in our four wheeler, played TV (we acted out TV shows as Grandpa and Dad clicked the channel button on our “remote”) and even encountered fresh bear poop!

After watching a documentary on bear attacks the night before departing and finding out our camp site was surrounded by raspberry bushes, Mom and Grandma decided not to come.  So we enjoyed some fun times with Dad (the peep sitting in the peach ring float) Noah, (the peep roasting a marshmallow over a fire) Garrett, (the fishing peep with a Sibshop shirt) Grandpa, (the peep wearing a bear mask and hiding behind the tent trying to scare us) and I. (The peep attracting bunnies with a Lego carrot).  

Enjoy these entries and winners in the 2016 Siblings Are My Peeps Contest

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