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12th Annual Sibling’s Choice Awards Nominations Open

Over the years, siblings have told us how much they depend on and appreciate quality caregivers who really care about their brothers and sisters.  So, in 2009, we developed two Sibling’s Choice awards to acknowledge and honor caregivers across Wisconsin who do an outstanding job of promoting the independence and quality of life of a person with a disability.  Nominations are only accepted from brothers or sisters of individuals with disabilities.

If you want to nominate a caregiver, whether family member or paid professional, complete the simple online nomination form. Click NOMINATION FORM

In 2019 Wisconsin siblings honored 3 caregivers with the Sibling’s Choice Award, including:

  • Anika Lisowe, age 9, nominated Sara Wipperman

    Sara Wipperman, New Holstein, WI received a 2019 WisconSibs Sibling’s Choice Family Caregiver Award. Sara cares for Wyatt, a young boy with disabilities and was nominated by Wyatt’s sister, Anika.  “I nominated Sara because she helps us a lot,” said Anika Lisowe, 9, a fourth grader at New Holstein Elementary School.

  • Andrene Busch, Neenah, WI received a 2019 WisconSibs Sibling’s Choice Family Caregiver Award. . Annabelle Busch, 13, a Shattuck Middle School eighth-grader and sister of Catherine, nominated her Aunt Andrene for the award.  She says “It is important to recognize people who care about your sibling. My aunt has a special relationship with my sister Catherine.  She does a lot for Catherine. She’s really a good person that deserves this award for all the time and effort she puts into Catherine.”
  • Todd Steven & Associates, Menasha, WI received the 2019 WisconSibs Sibling’s Choice Professional Caregiver Award who provides daily care and community support for Phillip Redman. Phillip’s sister, Christiana Yablonowski nominated the organization. “I am so grateful for the peace of mind Todd Steven & Associates gave us all [during a recent trip with my parents] and how they always seem to be coming up with new ideas for how to integrate him into his community even further.”
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Annabelle Busch, age 13, nominated Andrene Busch











Todd Steven & Associates with Phillip nominated by his sister, Christiana Yablonowski (not pictured)









Siblings of any age can nominate caregivers, either family or professional.   CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE NOW