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Meet the Directors!

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We have many people that make SibDays possible! We want to introduce who will be working with the campers, starting with the directors.

We are excited to welcome back Amy  and Gretchen! Amy is returning as our fantastic Director! When not helping organize SibDays, Amy is a school counselor at Southern Door Elementary and her favorite holiday is Christmas. Besides being a fabulous Assistant Director, Gretchen keeps kids singing and dancing as a music teacher in Green Bay and her favorite holiday is Christmas.

Gretchen and Amy

Michelle  is our new SibDays and Sibshop coordinator. She is not at camp with us this week because she just had a baby on Friday! With that being said, she has prepared and organized SibDays to a tee and has made the jobs of the directors easy:)


Our sibling interns are taking the lead over at the older camp! Jyll and Karenna are serving as assistant directors for the first time. Both attend Concordia University Wisconsin, Karenna for Occupational therapy and Jyll for Social Work. Karenna is 19 and her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because there is a whole lot of yummy food! Jyll is 20 and her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day.


Jyll and her brother Noah

Last, but certainly not least, we have the greatest Executive Director on the planet, Harriet! Harriet’s favorite holiday is Easter, because she doesn’t have to buy presents and everyone gets chocolate!


Check back to meet the other counselors!

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