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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Siblings Growing Up with Autism

Posted on by wisibs

Harriet with family I recently was asked to contribute an article for the Organization for Autism Research newsletter.  Here’s a glimpse:

Taking Care of Siblings Growing Up with Autism

by Harriet Redman, M.S. Ed.

When you have a child with autism or other developmental disability, it’s easy to feel you don’t have a free moment. Between your child’s medical appointments, IEPs, household tasks, therapy, community activities, and work, your days are full. Not only that, but when you are witnessing worrisome or extreme behaviors or emotions in your child with an autism diagnosis, it is often hard to notice siblings. So it is understandable you may overlook, even dismiss, signs of concern showing in your children who don’t have an autism diagnosis, but are growing up with it.


As with all sibling relationships, there are positives and negatives to having a sibling with autism.  MORE

Link to the OAR August Newsletter