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Guess Who?

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In addition to our fabulous directors, SibDays couldn’t be pulled off if counselors were not considered. We wanted to see if you all could guess who was what counselor by these descriptions. Happy guessing!

Black/white Group Counselors

  • Renna and Jyll were already introduced in the other post, so we will focus on the other three.

This counselor has been a part of SibDays for many, many years! She serves as the vital communication support between the two camps. She is 21 years old and loves Christmas.

  • New to the older camp this year is our next counselor. He is 16 years old and attends Kimberly. His favorite holiday is Christmas.

This is this counselors 2nd year helping at SibDays! He works at the YMCA and is almost done with schooling to become a teacher!

The Red Lady Bugs

The leader of the Red Ladybugs has been helping with SibDays for a few years. She is currently 17 years old and attends Freedom High School. She really enjoys celebrating Christmas!

This next counselor wins for the longest traveled! She is 17 and just graduated from Whitefish Bay High School and will attend UW Oshkosh in the fall. Her favorite holiday is Halloween.

Our next counselor has been a huge help the past few years! She is 17 years old and attends Appleton East High School. You can find her smiling the greatest at Christmas:)

The final counselor of the Red Ladybugs has been a camper for many years, but she is coming to camp as a counselor for the first time! She is 14 ad goes to Neenah High School. She too likes Christmas.

Pink Polka Dots

We are very excited to welcome back the leader of the Pink Polka Dots! She is 16 and attends Appleton West. We should truly have a Christmas party, because lots of counselors love this holiday!

Our next counselor is 14 years old and is going to be starting high school at Fox Valley Lutheran. Her favorite holiday is 4th of July.

Our final counselor of the pink polka dots has been at SibDays for many years now. She also has a brother who is a counselor. She is 14 and attends Hilbert High School. She likes to celebrate Easter.

Purple tie-dye

The leader of the Purple tie-dyes has been attending SibDays since she was an early child. She is 19 and goes to Concordia University WI for OT. She too likes to celebrate Christmas:)

Our next counselor also has a brother who is a counselor. She is 15 and goes to Kimberly High School. Her favorite holiday is Christmas.

Our last counselor of the purple tie-dyes is 14 and attends Neenah High School. She likes spooky things and especially loves Halloween.

Green Camo

The leader of the Green Camo group is a long-time attendee and counselor of SibDays. He has a sister who is also a counselor. He is 17 and attends Hilbert High School. You are not going to guess what his favorite holiday is: Arbor day!

This next counselor is 15 and goes to Hortonville High School. We have another unique holiday favorite: her birthday:)

This counselor has been going to SibDays since she has been 6 and is sister’s to one of the interns. She had her sweet 16 in April and goes to Fox Valley Lutheran High School. She enjoys celebrating New Year’s Eve, not day.

One of the newest counselors is this junior counselor! He is 13 and attends James Madison. If he had to pick a holiday, it would be Christmas.

Red, White, Blue

We are to our last group! This leader can always make you laugh. He just turned 17 this week and attends Appleton North. His favorite holiday is every holiday!

If you knew this counselor as a camper, he sure has changed in height! He is 14 and attends Neenah High School. He enjoys Halloween.

This next counselor is joining us for the first time ever! He is 14, goes to Appleton North, and loves Easter.

The final counselor is our 2nd junior counselor. He is 13, attends Freedom schools, and loves Thanksgiving:)


We sure do love our counselors, but it is also nice to have volunteers who do not specifically belong to a specific group.

Our first floater has been with WisconSibs for over 15 years! Amanda is 26 and is entering her first year as a special ed teacher at Freedom Middle and High School. Her favorite holiday is Christmas.

Our last, but certainly not least volunteer is a new helper. He is 18 and attends Appleton North High School.


SibDay Counselors Training – bowling

The counselors have just as much fun at SibDays as the campers:)

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